Our Objectives

All academic candidates and graduates deployed overseas / in the Philippines are able to show the capabilities / outcomes of an excellent education. They have the skills, values, attitudes, passion that will help their professional, civic community life.

The doctors are imbued with the requisite skills. They can translate the educational experience in their bedside and hospital practice. They are honorable and honest and fair in dealing with patients , staff and all types of people.

RJ CONSULTANCIES excellence Org. has been programmed to maintain a roadmap towards its vision. All universities chosen as partners has been selected because of track record of integrity / professional / high standards, respect for quality of life and commitment to environmental protection.


Selection of suitable university based on qualification and needs of the foreign student including application, entrance exam preparation, enrollment, documentation, getting credentials accredited / sealed as needed. Help with the logistical demands of studying abroad from bank loans facilitating, visa interviews and related requirements.

RJ CONSULTANCIES provide services in counseling and ensure a home-away from home atmosphere in dormitory facilities arranged for the purpose.

Mentoring services as needed, scaffolding for those who are at risk of failure and emotional support as the need arises are generic services of the well-being and success in the students’ chosen courses – provided the student abides by the rules set in the contract. Hard earned money spent for education showed is spent wisely. RJ CONSULTANCIES help to ensure this.

Admission in programs for a degree of doctor and assistance for visa

RJ CONSULTANCIES Excellence provides the hostel facilities in Philippines, run by the company itself, with complete homely environment and facilities like fridge, machine, furniture and all advance technologies including internet necessary for higher education. Separate facilities for boys and girls and special security arrangement for girls.

RJ CONSULTANCIES Excellence representatives are available in Philippines on 24 x 7 basis to take care of all needs of the students, help them in pursuing education without any trouble and according to complete wish of the parents.

Submission of a detailed half-yearly progress report to the parents highlighting the progress of the students in respect of every aspects of education, their achievements and shortcomings, health condition, difficulties faced by them in view of available hostel and food facility, their extra-curricular activities and the detail of any extra help they need from the parents. Celebrations of special events and sports activities at regular interval.

Core focus on the suggestions received from the parents and instant actions if found appropriate. RJ CONSULTANCIES Excellence not only takes care of the student for their admission only but also take care of their student as a guardian throughout their study period.

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